Current Openings

Who We Are

When humans reach Mars for the first time, our team at EnSoft will be proud to say that NASA used our software in the design of the first manned spacecraft to make the journey.  In fact, our products and services are used by over 350 companies worldwide including every major automotive, aerospace, and defense company in North America, Europe, and Asia.  We are a small, agile company with worldwide reach and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe that a small team of bright, creative people can make great things happen.  Our engineers solve complex and interesting problems that help major automotive and aerospace companies develop the software that puts cars on the road and airplanes in the sky.  Our engineering and administrative teams make sure that our innovations connect with customers and that we succeed as a business by solving great challenges.

Join Our Team

We are looking for self-directed, bright, creative individuals to solve challenging engineering and business problems to make the world a better place.  You will work alongside other bright people who are interested in good ideas and making an impact.

Our offices offer a relaxed environment and are located on an open campus with large green spaces where you can walk and think.  We keep an ample stock of Mountain Dew to help engineers code and vegetables and sport drinks for the more health conscious.  When it comes to our benefits, we have everything you’d expect from a large company, such as health insurance, retirement benefits and more.

About Ames, Iowa

EnSoft is located in Ames, Iowa in the United States.  Ames was named one of the top 100 cities to live in by CNN, one of the top 10 best-performing small cities by the Milken Institute, and one of the Top 20 cities with the highest concentration of technical professionals in the United States by Forbes Magazine.  Ames offers one of the top public park systems in the country, top public transportation systems, lowest crime rates, best public schools, and cleanest environments.  Other nearby attractions include Reiman Gardens, the Des Moines Art Center, and the Iowa State Center, which includes Hilton Coliseum and Stephens Auditorium.